• TYPHOON COVER - Lighter weight material - 7 year warranty.

    This cover is made the same way as our heavier Hurricane cover. It has the same 60mph wind guarantee. We are not a safety cover! The kids are used to show how strong our covers really are.

  • Warrior Cover - Camouflage - Support our Wounded Vets

    We are proud to announce our new Warrior Cover. This is the first camouflage cover ever. What special is, for every cover sold we will donate 15.00 to the special grant we have set up for our Wounded Vets. Show your support!!! Let your pool now symbolize your support.

  • The Only Covers Made To Withstand 60 MPH Winds!

    Our Easy Dome cover offers the ultimate protection. Finally, covers that actually work. Stop buying covers that only last a year or two or that constantly get blown off your pool or torn by the wind. Check out the unique design of the Hurricane Above Ground Pool Covers.

  • HURRICANE COVER - Not just another pool cover!

    We are the only manufacturer that offers a 60 MPH wind guarantee, Hurricane Above Ground Pool Covers are the strongest pool covers on the market! Our unique patent design keeps the cover nice and tight and sealed all the way around the pool. 15 YEAR WARRANTY!

Hurricane Above Ground Pool Covers | Easy Dome Above Ground Pool Cover

Over years of working with pools, pool distributors, pool manufacturers, and pool owners – there is one thing that has always emerged as a problem that needed to be fixed – the Above Ground Pool Cover. There’s always been the issue of the cover being ripped or blown off by strong winds, never staying on the pool and  difficult to remove, due to all the green nasty mess that sits on the cover all winter. All of our covers with our optional drain kit,  stops all the madness. How many times have you asked…



 New Covers - Typhoon – Hurricane - Easy Dome:

All Include Our Patented Pocket Design


All Come With Everything Needed To Install

Both The Typhoon And The Hurricane Work Great With Our Optional Drain Kit


60 mph wind quarantee.

For the first two years from the time of purchase, if our covers blows off in winds less than 60mph

and get damaged, we will replace the cover. No other cover offers this extraordinary guarantee.


1.  We have a patented pocket design that keeps the cover from blowing away and wrinkle free.

2.  Our cover material are stronger than than most covers. As the warranty goes up so does the quaility of material.

3.  We are the only cover guaranteed not to blow off in winds up to 60mph.

4.  Because our covers stay nice and tight all winter, and they do not need water to stay on them to keep them from blowing off, we can offer a built in cover drain that automatically drains all the water off the cover without having to use a cover pump, extension cords or syphon pumps. No more having to go out and pump off water. Because the covers stays dry all the time, you will find that leaves that land on the cover, usually blow off the cover.

5.  Our covers our the only covers that work as well with or without a full or partial deck. All three,  are the only covers the owner can custom fit to their partial or full deck.

6.  You must keep your pool full of water and keep the rain water pumped off. You can purchase a optional drain kit. We highly recommend this option.  If you drain your pool below your skimmer, you must add a small bungee cord to each strap and stake. This will allow for the cover to move incase you do not pump the water off your cover and it fills up full of rain water.

Which cover to buy, that’s the question…

Three of our covers with the optional built in drain kit,  will solve 95% of all pool owners’ problems.

Our EASY DOME COVER offers 100% protection!

All covers made by EasyDome will not only give you a superior, pain free cover but also includes all the necessary sand or gravel tubes needed and 8 screw in stakes. This gives you a great value.  For the value, quality, and lifespan of our covers there is no better alternative. Remember, the Hurricane Pro comes with the Drain Kit.